Is sugar an agro based industry?

In India, Sugar industry is the second largest agro-based industry and it contributes significantly to the socio economic development of the nation. Sugarcane is the key raw material for the producing of sugar in India. … Sugar industry is second largest agro based industry after comparing the cotton industry in India.

What type of industry is sugar?

Sugar industry comes under the agro-based industry. It is the second most important agro-based industry in the country. India is the second largest producer of sugarcane in the world. Khandasari and gur or jaggery are also prepared from sugarcane.

Which is an example of agro based industry?

Industries that have agricultural produce as raw materials are known as Agro-based Industries. These are consumer-based industries. Cotton, jute, silk, woollen textiles, sugar and edible oil, etc. industry are based on agricultural raw materials.

Which is not agro based industry?

Cotton, jute, silk, woollen textiles, sugar, and edible oil, among other industries, rely on agricultural raw materials. Complete answer: Cement: Cement is not an agro-based industry. The cement industry is the foundation of the country’s construction industry.

Is food processing an agro based industry?

Agro based food processing is defined as a set of techno-economic activities, applied to all the products, originating from agricultural farm, aqua cultural sources, livestock and forests for their conservation, handling and value-addition to make them usable as food, feed, fiber, fuel or industrial raw materials.

What is agro based industry give two examples?

Agro-based industries use agricultural products as raw materials. Two examples of agro- based industries are cotton textile industry and jute industry.

How many types of agro based industries are there?

Agro-based industry can be classified of two types. These are Agro-produce Processing units and Agro-produce Manufacturing units. Agro-Produce Processing Units: These industrial units simply process the agriculture produce.

What is meant by agro based industry?

Agro-based industry would mean any activity involved in cultivation, under controlled conditions of agricultural and horticultural crops, including floriculture and cultivation of vegetables and post-harvest operation on all fruits and vegetables.

What are agro based industries Name any two?

  • When plants and animal-based products are used as raw materials, it is called agro-based industry.
  • Cotton textile, jute textile and sugar are examples of such agro-based industries.

What are agro based industries Class 10?

The agro-based industry includes indutries related to textiles, sugar, paper and vegetable oil. These industries use agricultural products as their raw materials. … It comprises of (i) cotton textiles, (ii) woollen textiles, (iii) silk textiles (iv) synthetic fibres and (v) jute textileindustries.

What are agro based industries Class 8?

Answer: Agro-based industries use plant and animal-based products as their raw materials. It is a source of employment for people in rural areas. Food processing, vegetable oil, cotton textile, dairy products and leather industries are examples of agro-based industries.