What place has the healthiest smoothies?

The Healthiest Smoothies at Popular Smoothie Chains
  • Juice Generation. Juice Generation makes lots of nutritious blends. …
  • Juice Press. We love that Juice Press is notoriously obsessive about high-quality, organic ingredients. …
  • Clean Juice. …
  • Smoothie King. …
  • Jamba Juice. …
  • Planet Smoothie.

What is the most popular smoothie place?

Here are the best juice bar & smoothie franchise in the USA
  • Smoothie King. Founded in: 1973. Franchising since: 1988. …
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Founded in: 1997. Franchising since: 1997. …
  • Nekter Juice Bar. Founded in: 2010. Franchising since: 2012. …
  • Jamba Juice. Founded in: 1991. …
  • Planet Smoothie. Founded in: 1995.

Can Starbucks make smoothies?

There are three different flavors of smoothie available on the Starbucks menu; Orange Mango, Strawberry, and Chocolate. Keep in mind that all three smoothies come with one whole banana and two scoops of protein powder.

Does Wendy’s make smoothies?

If you’re looking for a dairy free option, then try our tropical smoothie. … It’s a refreshing blend of our Tropical Sensation sorbet, apple juice and ice. We make our delicious banana smoothies with a freshly peeled banana, milk and your choice of SupaSoft or frozen yoghurt.

Does Chick Fil A have smoothies?

Chick-fil-A Smoothies are less than 300 calories and you can add a cup of spinach or carrot to them! … Chick-fil-A also offers a delivery service as well. The other Chick-fil-A ambassadors also made some great recipes.

Does Dunkin Donuts have smoothies?

Beginning today, participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants will offer two varieties of freshly prepared Fruit Smoothies, Strawberry Banana and Tropical Mango. … serving, both Smoothies are made with real fruit and creamy low-fat yogurt.

Does McDonald’s have smoothies?

McDonald’s smoothies are made with a fruit base that contains fruit purees and juice concentrates, as well as tons of sugar and artificial flavorings, plus a “smoothie yogurt” that’s made with corn starch and gelatin. … The Tropical Mango smoothie packs in 370 calories, 56 grams of sugar and 70 milligrams of sodium.

Does Sonic have smoothies?

Make SONIC Your Morning Drink Stop! … Drive in to SONIC and have a good morning! Real Fruit Smoothies. Available in three great flavors: Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, and Tropical(orange juice, coconut, and pineapple) With Non-Fat Yogurt & Real Fruit.

Does Baskin Robbins make smoothies?

Featuring real puréed fruit and fat free vanilla frozen yogurt, Baskin-Robbins smoothies are a go-to for anyone looking for a refreshing frozen treat to satisfy their sweet tooth. Our most popular flavors include Mango Banana, Strawberry Banana, and Tropical Banana.

What smoothies does Panera have?

Frozen Drinks and Smoothies
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie. $5.39 · 250 Cal. …
  • Green Passion Smoothie. $5.39 · 250 Cal. …
  • Mango Smoothie. $5.39 · 290 Cal. …
  • Peach & Blueberry Smoothie with Almondmilk. $5.39 · 210 Cal. …
  • Strawberry Smoothie. $5.39 · 270 Cal. …
  • Frozen Caramel Cold Brew. $4.89 · 490 Cal. …
  • Frozen Chocolate Cold Brew. $4.89 · 450 Cal.

Why did Dunkin get rid of smoothies?

Dunkin’ has been testing the reduced menu since last year, as it sought to find ways to provide “faster, more accurate service and a more consistent consumer experience from store to store.”

What’s in tropical banana smoothie Baskin-Robbins?


The tropical taste of guava, orange and passion fruit blended with ice. A refreshing exotic escape.

What kind of shakes does Baskin-Robbins have?

Creamsicle: a play on another classic dessert featuring Orange Sherbet and Vanilla ice cream. Brookie: a chocolate-y mashup of World Class® Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored ice creams. Strawberry Shortcake: a remix on an American classic with Very Berry Strawberry and Icing on the Cake ice creams.

How much is a Baskin-Robbins smoothie?

Baskin Robbins Menu Prices
Smoothie Small $4.69
Smoothie Medium $5.69
Smoothie Large $6.69
Shake Mini $3.69

What is in Jamba Juice?

Pomegranate Juice Blend (Apple Juice [from concentrate], Pear Juice [from concentrate], Pomegranate Juice [from concentrate], Citric Acid, Fruit & Vegetable Juice [color], Natural Flavor), Coconut Water Beverage (Coconut Water [from concentrate], Citric Acid, Lemon Juice [from concentrate]), Frozen Blueberries, Frozen …

What is a turtle Cappuccino Blast?

This classic ice cream treat starts with two of your favorite ice cream flavors topped off with bananas, caramel praline topping, chopped almonds, whipped cream and a cherry. Nutritional information for this product will vary based on the ice cream and toppings requested.

How much is a banana royale at Baskin-Robbins?

Baskin-Robbins Menu & Prices (Updated: December 2021)
Food Price
Banana Royale $5.49
Brownie $5.49
Banana Split $6.69
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae $5.99

Does Baskin-Robbins make banana splits?

Banana Splits have been enjoyed at Baskin-Robbins shops for decades, and now guests can enjoy all of the elements of this ice cream parlor classic in one delicious scoop. Our Banana Split ice cream is a great new addition to the Baskin-Robbins flavor library.”

Does Baskin-Robbins blizzard?

Baskin-Robbins, like its competitors, will have an array of dessert treats featuring Soft Serve. It’ll have sundaes, 31 Belows (its version of Dairy Queen’s Blizzards), creamy fruit smoothies and take-home pies. It even has special Soft Serve cones covered with sugary sprinkles that change colors.

Does Sonic still have banana splits?

SONIC’s cool and creamy treats always hit the spot! … Order your Sonic Blast® with two candies instead of one! Banana Split. Your classic banana split made just the way you like it with chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, whipped topping, and a cherry.

How much is a Dairy Queen banana split?

Dairy Queen Menu Prices
Add Extra Stuff $0.69
Classic Treats
Peanut Buster Parfait $4.39
Banana Split $4.39

Does Cold Stone make banana splits?

Coldstone Creamery mixes the standard ice cream, banana, whipped cream and fudge staples with almonds and strawberries for what’s referred to as the Banana Split Decision. … Consider making Coldstone Creamery a part of your next birthday party or corporate event with our customized and unique catering services.