10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Jonas Strand Gravli

Jonas Strand Gravli could be a new face that many do not recognize despite a few years of his career in the film industry. He has done a number of Norwegian movies and television series. However, people have started giving him attention since the>Ragnarok on Netflix. The series premiered on 31 January 2020. And, Jonas has gathered fame that he deserves for all the right reasons. As said earlier, Jonas Strand Gravli is not necessarily a known face in spite of some crucial years in the career. But, with his accountable appearance in Ragnarok, a fantasy series on Netflix, people have started to search about him. Thus we have a few (10 facts) about this actor that will possibly help all to get to know about him.

Jonas is Active On Instagram and Twitter

Gravli has made his presence known on Instagram as @strandgravli. He has over 14 thousand followers on the platform. On the other hand, people can find him on twitter as @jonasgravli. Unlike Instagram, he has only 273 followers on Twitter.

Jonas Strand Gravli Family, Girlfriend Facts Are Unknown

He usually does not post or talk about his parents and other family members publicly. Also, he has not yet disclosed if he has a girlfriend or not.  However, if he has to, Jonas does not hesitate to display his love over social media. Jonas’s father, Rune Gravli is also on Instagram. But, the information of his mother and other family members are under review.

He Owns a Production Company

As a matter of fact, Jonas Strand Gravli owns a production company called FargeRadio. Thus, he won’t have to worry even if his acting career does not go right(we hope that won’t be the case). He is the co-founder of the production company.

He Has Done a Number of Theatre Works in Norway

Judging from Jonas’s Instagram, we can guess that he enjoys doing theatre works. Besides, he has been a promising theatre actor in Noway.

Jonas Started His Acting Career in 2014

According to IMDb, Jonas Strand Gravli was seen in a short movie Victor as Axel in 2014 to start his career. After that, he spent his time working in theatres. Then in 2018, he appeared in an episode of a TV Series, Roeng. Thereafter, he has done a number of television works and movies such as Home Ground (2018), Wisting (2019), 22 July (2018), etc.

He Worked In Netflix’s “22 July” Before Ragnarok

Those who reckon that Jonas is certainly not a new face are absolutely right. You must have seen this talent in the movie called “22 July” by Netflix in 2018. He played the character, Viljar Hanssen, in this movie based on the real-life story of Norway-Terrorist Attack.

Gravli’s Show Ragnarok Is Based on Teenager’s Fight With Climate Change

The show premiered on January 31. And fans are appreciating the show’s concept so far. Ragnarok revolves around the battle between a fantasy character/superhero and the pollution in a Norwegian town, Edda. The creator of the show, Adam Price have maintained a balance between entertainment and message.

He Is Playing Laurits in Netflix’s Ragnarok

Jonas Strand Gravli has played the character named Laurits in Ragnarok. He is a member of a teenage group in the show who worries about the problems caused by pollution. He, along with another character, Magne (played by David Stakson) fight with the cruelty causing climate change.

Jonas Strand Gravli Wikipedia Profile is Missing

As a matter of fact, Jonas Strand Gravli is yet to be available on Wikipedia. And, that is understandable as well knowing that he is not very famous yet. But, his popularity through his newest series Ragnarok suggests that we might find him on Wikipedia very soon. He is from Norway.

Jonas Strand Gravli Age

As of 2020, Jonas Strand Gravli is not open about his age or birthday details. But, we assume that this talented lad must be in his 20s.