Ambika Mod Age, Wiki And Instagram: This Is Going To Hurt Actress Shruti

Ambika Mod, age 26, is an actress, Shruti, in the TV series This Is Going To Hurt. Scroll down to learn more about her Wiki

Ambika Mod has appeared as Shruti in her recently premiered TV series, This Is Going To Hurt. The seven-part series was released on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

This Is Going To Hurt, a comedy-drama television show based on the same-named book by Adam Kay. The series represents the honest deception of life as a junior doctor on the wards.

Know The Age Of Ambika Mod- Things To Learn From Her Wiki

Ambika Mod, age 26, was born in 1995, as per the information found on the web. However, the newly introduced actress on the big screen does not have her Wiki yet.

Nevertheless, there is little information about the cast after the series was released on 8 February 2022. She has also appeared before on-screen as Izzy in the short film Fair Bnb and The Sacrifice.

She will be working alongside the Bafta award-winner Ben Whishaw, and to be a real character, both actors had taken certain courses for a couple of months.

The series might be a breakthrough for her career, which already had kept her in the spotlight and earned her stardom. Fortunately, the show has been rated 8.6 out of ten in IMDB.

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Sneak Peek Inside Ambika Mod Instagram- Is She A Verified User?

As seen in Ambika Mod Instagram, she is quite active there, but not as much as her Twitter account. With over 3K fan followers, she shares her newly released TV series.

Moreover, we can see her posting about herself on her social media. She has also posted the trailer of This Is Going To Hurt. She seems to like posing for the camera.

Explore The Character Of Ambika Mod: This Is Going To Hurt Actress Shruti In Details

Ambika Mod is This Is Going To Hurt actress, portraying Shruti. She will be seen alongside Ben Whishaw in the medical comedy series. She has said the character she is playing has given her a unique feeling. But, she also added, “You just don’t get young south Asian women written like that.”

She will be seen acting as the junior trainee doctor. In an interview with the PA news agency, she has mentioned she felt no one would be able to portray the character as she could.

She also mentioned, along with her co-actor Bafta-winner Whishaw, they together did a “crash course” to learn how to perform certain medical operations. To make everything real, they had to perform a cesarean section on the show as there were three on-set and had medical advisers to make sure that “no corners were cut.”

Also, adding to the interview, she was confident that she could even do a real-life C-section if needed.