Who is America Guinart?

America Guinart has led a life that may seem familiar to those familiar with the lifestyles of celebrities. She is often recognized as the former spouse of Alejandro Fernandez, El Potrillo, a highly esteemed Hispanic singer who significantly influences Latin music. However, her story expands beyond the typical boundaries of marriage, encompassing an array of experiences and personal growth.

Guinart’s coming-of-age journey was imbued with the requisite experiences that allowed her to carve her own path to fame, independent of her ex-lover’s influence. She moved beyond the glitz and glamour surrounding her previous marriage and established herself as a successful architect and planner. This article documents her life and times as a compelling testament to her independence and inspirational journey. Despite much of her public significance being tied to her identity as a married woman, Guinart surpassed the prevailing norms and made a name for herself.

Profile Summary

Name America Guinart
Age 52 years old
Date of Birth December 22, 1970
Nationality American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Religion Christianity
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Ex- Spouse Alejandro Fernandez
Current Spouse Alvaro Favier
Children Alex, Camille, America
Grandchildren Cayetana
Occupation Architect
Zodiac Sign Capricon
Net Worth 4-6 million USD

America Guinart Biography

America Guinart was born in Mexico on December 22, 1970, into a Hispanic lineage with rich cultural history. Raised in a society that places Christianity above all other principles, America was embraced by the Christian faith from a young age. She has maintained this faith throughout her life, now 52 years old.

Later in life, America would acquire United States citizenship through naturalization. While the exact timing of this remains yet to be determined, it is clear that this milestone and how it was achieved was not the most significant aspect of her life. Before moving to the United States, America had already married her childhood sweetheart, Alejandro Fernandez, also known as El Potrillo, at the tender age of 14.

Her journey through various life stages was filled with diverse experiences. Some served as the foundation of her unwavering morals, while others acted as cautionary tales that ultimately shaped her into the woman she is today. America is among the numerous celebrities who can proudly claim to have led a fulfilling life.

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America Guinart Marriage With Alejandro Fernandez

The adage “Love transcends all boundaries” rings particularly true for Guinart, who started dating her lifelong love, Alejandro, at the age of 14, despite encountering opposition. Her mother’s music career linked her family with that of Alejandro. Her mother sang with Alejandro’s father, Vicente Fernández Gómez. Initially, Guinart’s relationship with Alejandro was seen as unethical and irrational, but Guinart had reached a stage where she was unfazed by others’ opinions regarding her relationship.

She embarked on her journey into womanhood at a tender age, soon becoming pregnant with Alejandro Fernandez’s child. 1992 America and Fernandez tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony. During the time of their marriage, Fernandez was 22, while Guinart was 21. The early stages of their marriage were idyllic. At that time, Alejandro was releasing his debut album, and their love steadily deepened and grew stronger.

Why America Guinart Marriage’s Marriage With Alejandro Failed

This perceived perfection turned Alejandro and America into the focus of media attention. However, her marital bliss was short-lived, lasting only six years before the marriage began deteriorating in 1998. El Potrillo’s demanding career schedule prevented the young couple from spending quality time together. At that time, Alejandro prioritized boosting his career while America focused on consolidating its new family.

Complicating matters, Alejandro was reportedly quite flirtatious, sparking considerable jealousy in his wife. Amidst this tumultuous situation, America became pregnant again, expecting twins – America and Camila Fernandez Guinart. Contrary to what many believed, the pregnancy did not improve the relationship. In fact, while America was still pregnant, Alejandro had initiated divorce proceedings.

Despite numerous attempts to mend their unconventional marriage, all efforts were in vain. Their marriage officially ended in 2002, with immaturity being the root cause of the dissolution.

Though her marriage was short-lived, it was fruitful. She bore Fernandez three children: Alex Fernandez, Camilla Fernandez, and America Fernandez.

America Guinart New Love

While failed marriages often reflect poorly on character or social indifference, America’s divorce served as a lens through which she could reassess her life and destiny. Her divorce turned out to be a blessing in disguise; it not only highlighted her immaturity and lack of a defined personality but also offered an opportunity for deep introspection and self-improvement. When she was ready to embrace love again, fate gave her a second chance.

America shared the picture above, one of the rare moments she is pictured next to Alvaro. For the past eight years, America has been in a relationship with a Mexican businessman, Alvaro Favier. Due to their relationship’s private nature, little is known about her current relationship, but they have been close with the family of Fernandez, her former lover.

America also keeps details about her affair with Alvaro away from the media. When asked if she was going to move in with her new lover, here is what she said translated into English;

“Actually, no, I don’t know, I never really share things about my partner, mainly because he is a businessman and it’s not his thing. Neither the spectacle nor social networks.”

On the other hand, Alejandro is now in a relationship with Karla Laveaga.

America Guinart Children

America deeply cherishes her children from her previous marriage; her enduring love for them is visibly evident in the attention she lavishes on them.

Her eldest child, Alex Fernandez, born in 1993, shares his father’s name and follows in his footsteps career-wise. He ventured into music, drawing on his father’s influence in a world of possibilities. He is married to Alexia Hernandez, and they have a daughter named Mia.

Camilla, likewise, has followed the family tradition of music. As of 2023, Camilla is a mother to a daughter named Cayetana.

America Fernandez Jr, Guinart’s youngest child, pursued a path similar to her mother’s and studied design in college.

America Guinart Career

America Guinart is a dedicated architect and planner who ensures clients’ satisfaction. While she hasn’t been involved in groundbreaking projects, she has led a fulfilling life, achieving her goals relatively easily.

On the other hand, her ex-spouse, Alejandro Fernandez, is a highly accomplished Mexican folk artist and vocalist renowned as one of the greatest Hispanic artists in history. He brought Hispanic music to life in a unique way, selling a staggering total of 20 million records. Fernandez carved out a name for himself by melding traditional folk music with nostalgia. His music has earned him such acclaim that he has almost been mythologized in the annals of Hispanic music.

However, even Fernandez has a single human flaw that mars his otherwise impeccable record: the lingering presence of his failed marriage, etched indelibly in the sands of time.

America Guinart Physique

The key to America Guinart’s timeless beauty is no longer a secret. Many wonder how a mother could attend her daughter’s wedding and outshine the bride in radiance. Such was the case when Guinart graced her daughter Camilla’s wedding with her stunning presence.

America Guinart, a woman of admirable beauty, has retained her attractive looks despite advancing age. This was aptly illustrated in an Instagram photo, where she posed in a bikini alongside her daughter, America, and daughter-in-law, Alexia. The image gained substantial attention, primarily because Guinart, Alejandro Fernandez’s ex-wife, appeared remarkably well-preserved, leading to a cascade of positive comments.

Guinart emphasized the importance of discipline and a steady routine when probing about her beauty secret. Her fitness regimen includes cardio exercises on a trampoline twice a week, an activity she highly recommends, and yoga and jumping exercises. Part of her beauty regimen also includes drinking plenty of water, especially during workouts. Guinart revealed that she sets aside a considerable portion of her day for exercise, dedicating “an hour and a half to two hours of exercise from Monday to Friday.”

Adding to her allure, Guinart stands at a height of five feet and five inches, further accentuating her commanding presence.

America Guinart Net Worth

America has amassed an impressive net worth of approximately 4-6 million USD through her career as an architect. Although she doesn’t create music, she has found her own quiet way to succeed in life. Far from the public eye and the accompanying drama, America has built a comfortable sanctuary for herself, inaccessible to intrusive gazes.