Babcock University Courses & Requirements

The University was formally inaugurated on the 17th of June, 1999. The University began with three faculties (which later became known as schools). These are:

-Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

The School of Law and Security Studies was added and became the fourth School. The 50th Anniversary of the institution and 10th Anniversary of the university was celebrated on the 7th of June, 2009. 

Babcock now has a medical school which began operations on January 2012 and a post-graduate school which began operations in the third quarter of 2010

Currently, Babcock hosts 9 schools. Below is a complete list of these schools, departments under each, courses offered by Babcock University and requirements thereof.

  •   Benjamin Carson School of Medicine

Department of Anatomy


Department of Physiology


Department of Biochemistry 


Requirements for admission into the above departments are 5 Credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Department of Nutrition & Dietetics 

Nutrition & Dietetics

Requirements: 5 credit passes in English Language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology/Agricultural Science, Food and Nutrition, physics or Geography  

  •   School Computing and Engineering Sciences

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science

Software Engineering

Department of Information Technology

Information Technology

Requirements: 5 credit passes in English Language, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and any other Science subject.

  • School of Education And Humanities

History and International Studies

 Requirements: 5 credits in GCE/SSCE/NECO to include English Language, History/Government and 3 other subjects related to the course 

Department of Languages and Literary Studies

English Studies

Requirements: 5 credits in English Language, Literature in English and 3 other subjects 

A credit pass in French is essential and may be taken in place of a pass in Literature in English.

Department of Religious Studies

 5 credits in English Language, CRK, IRK and any other 3 Arts subjects 

Department of Education

Business Education

Economics Education

Guidance and Counselling

English Education

For the programs offered under this department, one must have 5 credits in English Language and Mathematics and 3 other social science related subjects 


5 credits in English Language, and four other subjects.

  •   School of Law And Security Studies

Department of Law

5 credits in English Language, Mathematics, Literature in English and two other social science subjects

  •   School of Management Sciences

Department of Accounting


Banking & Finance

Business Administration

The requirements for the courses in this departments are 5 credits in English Language, Literature in English, Mathematics and two other social science subjects

  •   School of Nursing Sciences

Department of Nursing Science

Requirements: English language, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 

  •   Public and Allied Health

Public Health

Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science

  •   Science And Technology

Department of Agriculture & Industrial Technology 

Agric Economics

Agronomy & Landscape Design 

Animal Science

Department of Basic Sciences




Plant Biology

Plant Taxonomy

Plant Pathology


Environmental Conservation


Physics with Electronics


Requirements for admission into the department of Basic Science and Microbiology are 5 credits passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  •   Veronica Adeleke School of Social Sciences

Department of Economics


Department of Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Political science

Department of Social Work & Human Services

Social work

Requirement: 5 credits in English Language, Literature in English, Mathematics and two other social science related  subjects

  •   College Of Postgraduate Studies

How to Apply for Admission at Babcock University 

General Entry Requirements

  •   The minimum qualification required for First Degree Programs at the Babcock University include: 

5 credit pass including English language and Mathematics obtained at the SSCE/GCE O’Level/NECO/NABTEB Examinations or their equivalent. This must be gotten at not more than 2 sittings. 

For admission into the School of Medicine & Surgery, this must be obtained at only one sitting 

  •   Candidates awaiting their WAEC/NECO/SSCE results will be required to present acceptable qualifications before they are matriculated.
  •   All candidates who apply directly to Babcock University for 100 level are required to sit for the JAMB examination
  •   Candidates can also apply for JAMB Direct Entry admissions to 200 level 
  •   Candidates applying for Transfer Admissions are required to present JAMB Admission letter, Attestation letter and Transcript from their previous University.
  •   All prospective candidates are required to apply for programmes of their choice by filling the JAMB registration forms. Anyone who wishes to pursue a course of study with Babcock University is required to sit for the UTME examination of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). They must also attain the prescribed cut-off mark. This is a statutory requirement for entry into any Nigerian University. 
  •   Prospective candidates are to obtain a Babcock University Admission Form for screening and verification exercises. No applicants are admitted if the demands of the screening exercise are not met.

Steps to apply for Babcock University Screening/Verification Exercises

  •   After submitting your UTME/JAMB FORM
  •   Step 1: VISIT to begin the application process.
  •   Create login details by putting in a valid email address and telephone number to obtain your Password

Step 2: 

  •   Log-in with your Username
  •   Your email address and Password will already be sent to the email address supplied in step 1.

Step 3: 

  •   Click to fill Form
  •   After filling every required information, Click the button to save the form
  •   Upload your Passport Photograph (This must be in LPG or PNG format and according to the specified size)
  •     Select Screening Centre and Date of Screening.