Dermot Mulroney Age, Height & Facts About His Movies and TV Shows

With major appearances in a long list of movies and television series, Dermot Mulroney has attained lasting fame in the entertainment industry. Among the numerous works he has starred in, Dermot appears to be most popular for co-starring with Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997). The man is not only an actor; he is also an expert cellist, film director, and producer. Let’s now have a detailed look at Dermot Mulroney’s acting career and other personal information about him.

Dermot Mulroney’s Age

Dermot Mulroney was born on the 31st of October, 1963, making him 55 years old as of 2019. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A. Dermot is the third of the five children born to Iowa natives, Michael and Ellen Mulroney. While his father was a Villanova University School of Law professor and former tax law practitioner, his mother was a regional theater actress.

Dermot Mulroney’s acting talents began to manifest in his days at Matthew Maury Elementary School during which he was part of the children’s community theater. He later attended George Washington High School and T. C. Williams High School, graduating from the later in 1981. Straight out of high school and at the age of 18, he enrolled at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where he earned a degree in Communications in 1985.

During his senior year in college around the age of 22, Dermot Mulroney landed his first acting contract which saw him relocate to Hollywood. He subsequently made his debut in CBS 1986 television drama film, Sin of Innocence, playing the role of Tim McGary.

Dermot Mulroney’s Height

Dermot Mulroney is 1.77 meters tall (5 feet, 8 inches). He has a trim body build that weighs about 72 kilograms (160 pounds). The actor continues to retain his good looks even as he advances in age. His lush, salt and pepper hair, and charming dark brown eyes are some of the features that contribute to his good looks.

Mulroney has a permanent scar on his upper lip. He gained the mark from an accident that occurred while he was still a child, around three years old. According to the film star, he tripped while carrying a breakable dish for their pet and the pieces injured him.

Facts About His Movies and TV Shows

1. He has starred in diverse genres of films

Dermot Mulroney is popular for his numerous appearances in western movies, romantic-comedy films, and drama films including comedy-dramas. For the first ten years of his career, he mostly acted in drama films. After starring in Sin of Innocence, he appeared in others such as Bright Angel, Staying Together, The Thing Called Love, There Goes My Baby, Longtime Companion, Where the Day Takes You, How to Make an American Quilt, Bastard Out of Carolina, and so on.

Prominent among his western movies are Young Guns, Silent Tongue, and Bad Girls. Mulroney would go on to play most of his leading roles in romantic-comedy films such as My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Date, and The Family Stone. In addition, he has starred in action and thriller films such as Point of No Return, Kansas City, The Trigger Effect, Abduction, Copycat, and so on.

Coming to television films, Dermot Mulroney has appeared in many such as Daddy, Long Gone, Unconquered, The Heart of Justice, Family Pictures, The Last Outlaw, Heroine of Hell, and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.

2. He turned down several TV series

Dermot Mulroney on many occasions turned down roles in television series for the ones in movies. He has however still appeared in numerous TV shows. Notable among them are Friends, New Girl, Legends & Lies, Enlightened, Crisis, Shameless, Pure Genius, and The Righteous Gemstones.

3. He is also a voice actor

On the side of voice acting, Mulroney has played roles in several works like Hair High (2004), Dante’s Inferno (2007), and The Batman (2007-’08).

4. Mulroney has received numerous award nominations

For his outstanding performances, he has received several award nominations, some of which he won. In 1988, he received a nomination for CableACE Awards’ Best Supporting Actor for his role in Long Gone. In 1992, he won the Best Actor award at the Seattle International Film Festival for his roles in Samantha and Where The Day Takes You. He also received the Best Music, Adapted Song Award from the Online Film & Television Association in 1998 for his musical contributions to My Best Friend’s Wedding.

5. He met his wife on a movie set

Dermot Mulroney met his first wife, Catherine Keener, on the set of the 1989 film, Survival Quest. It happened that Mulroney jumped in to save Keener who was almost carried away in a river while they filmed the movie in 1986. After marrying in 1990, the duo co-starred in four other films including Living In Oblivion, Heroine of Hell, Box of Moonlight and Lovely & Amazing.