Gavin Rubinstein Net Worth Update 2022 – Wife Age & Instagram

Many people are curious about Gavin Rubinstein’s journey from beginner real estate agent to one of Sydney’s most acclaimed salespeople. Here are some details regarding Sydney’s most active real estate agent.

On September 30, the third season of “Luxe Listings Sydney” debuted on Prime Video, featuring larger properties, higher stakes, and multi-million dollar deals.

Four prominent agents, including “property prince” Gavin Rubinstein, Simon Cohen, Monika Tu, and D’Leanne Lewis, appear on “Luxe Listings Sydney” in its third season.

Gavin Rubinstein, a real estate agent, has earned the nickname “property prince” thanks to his tenacity, skill in negotiations, and unmatched dedication to his clients.

Rubinstein is a well-known Australian real estate agent who has gained fame for his work in the real estate industry as well as, more recently, for his appearances as a guest on Luxe Listings Sydney.

Some Facts On Gavin Rubinstein

Full Name Gavin Rubinstein
Age (2022) 33-years old
Born 1989
Nationality Australia
Parents Colin Rubinstein (father)
Profession Real Estate Agent
Net Worth USD 50 million
Marital Status Alexandra Dankwa (dated)
Instagram g_rubinstein

Gavin Rubinstein’s Net Worth Update 2022

Gavin Rubinstein has an estimated net worth of USD 50 million. The majority of his riches are the result of his ten years of hard work as a real estate manager.

Gavin has demonstrated numerous times how effective he is as a real estate agent. From 2013 to 2019, he received the honor of being the top seller in all of New South Wales. He was, in fact, the top salesperson for the whole Ray Group in 2018 and 2019, including overseas.

In his first year as a principal for Ray, in 2020, he was also ranked first in the entire group. Gavin’s success for Ray allowed him to open his own office, The Rubinstein Groupm, under Ray’s umbrella.

If that weren’t enough, in the one year from April 2021 to April 2022, Gavin sold 85 homes for an average price of $4.5 million, resulting in the sale of real estate worth approximately $385 million.

He was successful in selling 10 homes in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for a combined $83.4 million in May 2022.

Additionally, a Double Bay home sold for $17 million, its highest-ever sale price. In just their first year in business, his team at The Rubinstein Group, which consists of five agents, including Gavin, sold real estate worth more than $350 million.

Furthermore, Gavin will be making a lot more money because the well-known streaming service Amazon Prime Video recently renewed his program “Luxe Listings Sydney” for a third season.

How Did Gavin Rubinstein Become Successful?

Gavin Rubinstein began his career in a lowly position at McDonald’s, where he began his working life. In an interview with Elite Agent, he credited the restaurant with teaching him the fundamentals of customer service.

Real estate piqued his interest because he saw it as a way to earn money without tertiary education.

His success formula included a demanding daily schedule that included a 4:45 am wake-up call, a 5:30 am gym session, and working until at least 8 pm every night.

Even though he occasionally needs a break, he claims to have found his work-life balance.

Gavin Rubinstein Early Career

Starting as an assistant, Gavin was drawn to real estate because it offered the chance to make money without completing a university degree, which was one of the things that made him want the lifestyle he had been exposed to.

Although he attended expensive schools and was a poor child, he was surrounded by wealthy people. He was welcomed into the homes of other families, given rides to school in cars, and invited on vacations with friends.

Despite attending a private school, Rubinstein admits that he hated doing homework. He did, however, want to study under the greatest.

Of course, every agent has to start somewhere, and in the beginning, Rubinstein had to compete with agents who had a solid network and a proven track record in the region.

As per eliteagent, he made sure he was in constant communication with the locals so that when they were ready to sell, he was there at the door. Vendors were able to detect his great devotion, vigor, and excitement, which even today still sets him head and shoulders above his competitors.

In the early days of advertising, his strategy focused solely on activity and perception.

Gavin Rubinstein’s Wife: Is he a Married Man?

“Luxe Listing Sydney” star Gavin Rubinstein doesn’t have a wife but had been “secretly dating his model girlfriend Alexandra Dankwa.

According to the Daily Mail, the real estate tycoon and Dankwa began dating about a year ago. Gavin, meanwhile, as well as the gorgeous brunette model, have kept quiet about their relationship.

Likewise, a source told the Daily Telegraph that they spoke to Alexandra one early morning a few weeks back after Gavin left her off in front of her house in his Range Rover Vogue.

Meanwhile, the lanky brunette dated Dane for about two years while she was on “The Apprentice” in 2015.

In July 2021, Gavin had been crushing on his Luxe Listings co-star D’Lenne Lewis for years. They frequently compete against each other to sell some of Sydney’s most incredible homes.

Gavin Rubinstein Current Age

Gavin Rubinstein’s current age is 33 years old; he was born in 1989 and celebrates his birthday each year on the 7th of November with his loved ones.

He was interested in real estate from an early age and has been his best since his 20s.

Find Gavin Rubinstein On Instagram

Gavin Rubinstein can likely attribute some of his success to Instagram. He is active on his verified Instagram platform under the username g_rubinstein where he has around 74k fan followers.

Although his personal Instagram feed has a limited amount of content, he has previously chosen to use the social media platform as a means of promoting properties.

Rubinstein uses The Rubinstein Group’s page to effectively advertise properties the company is currently selling, typically in the form of a video. Apart from that, he is also active on his Facebook account.

Some FAQs

Who is Gavin Rubinstein’s Wife?

Gavin Rubinstein doesn’t have a wife since he is not a married man. But, he was romantically linked with model Alexandra Dankwa.What is Gavin Rubinstein’s age?

Is Gavin Rubinstein active on his Instagram handle?

Gavin Rubinstein can likely attribute some of his success to Instagram. He is active on the platform under the username @g_rubinstein.

What is Gavin Rubinstein’s net worth in 2022?

Gavin Rubinstein has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Most of his earnings are the result of his ten years of hard work as real estate manager. Gavin has demonstrated numerous times how effective he is as a real estate agent. From 2013 to 2019, he received the honor of being the top seller in all of New South Wales.