Justin Ryan Simpson was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, that was until tragedy struck his family. After which, he worked hard and developed a successful real estate business. Come, let’s find out how rich Justin Ryan is.

Early Life and Childhood

Justin Ryan Simpson was born on 6 August 1988, in California, USA. His father, O.J. Simpson, was an ex-National Football League (NFL) player, while his mother Nicole Simpson worked as an actress/model. Justin has American nationality and belongs to Black ethnicity. His older sister’s name is Sydney, and he has two step-siblings, named Arnelle and Jason Simpson, and another step-sister, Aaren Simpson died at a young age. Justin’s paternal grandparents are Eunice and Jimmy Lee Simpson. When he was four years old, Ryan’s parents divorced, then in 1994 his mother Nicole, along with her friend Ron Goldman were murdered, and O.J. Simpson was tried for this crime, but wasn’t convicted.

After this, Justin and Sydney’s maternal grandparents, Louis Hezekiel and Juditha Anne Brown took them in, but later Justin’s father and grandparents were involved in a legal battle for the children’s custody. In 2000 the children were permitted to move to California with their father. On 12 July 2014, Louis Hezekiel died; both Justin and his sister attended the funeral.


No information is available regarding Justin Ryan’s early education. However, he is a Florida State University graduate, and has studied Estate Management.


Justin Ryan is a self-made man. In 2014 he joined Muffley & Associates Real Estate, and later switched to Coldwell Banker Residential – his clients were very impressed with Justin’s excellent communication and cooperation skills. In 2018, Ryan and his two sisters launched the Bolder Property Management company.

He is currently working at the DHM Real Estate Group and is also the CEO of his company. Along with this, he has also worked in Indian Rocks Beach, St. Petersburg, Bay Pines, and Largo areas.

Personal Life – Justin Ryan’s Father O.J. Simpson

Early Life and Childhood

O.J. Simpson was born on 9 July 1947 in San Francisco, California, USA, to Eunice and Jimmy Lee Simpson – his mother worked at a hospital while his father was a chef. Simpson’s two siblings are Melvin Leon and Shirley Simpson-Baker, while another sister Carmelita passed away in 2009. Simpson’s father was a famous drag queen in the San Francisco area, eventually declared that he was gay, and in 1986 died of AIDS. During his childhood, O.J. developed rickets for which he had to wear leg braces ‘til the age of five, and resulted in him developing a bow-legged posture.

In 1952 his parents divorced, and Eunice took on the responsibility of raising her son. During his teenage days, O.J. was a member of a street gang called the Persian Warriors, and for a short time he was confined to the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center. After meeting star baseball player Willie Mays, Simpson decided to reform himself.


Simpson matriculated from Galileo High School and was a member of the Galileo Lions football team. In 1965 he joined the City College of San Francisco, but in 1967 transferred to South California University.

Football Career

During his high school days, O.J. showed a lot of potential as a football player, but his average grades became a big hindrance and deterred various college recruiters from approaching him.

In the City College football team, Simpson played both the back and defensive back positions, and was also recommended for the Junior College All-American team as the running back. After the City College VS Long Beach match in the Prune Bowl, O.J. became the most sought-after player. He then chose to attend the University of South California, a school Simpson had admired from a very young age. From 1967 to 1968 he played under John McKay, during this period O.J. scored 13 touchdowns and had 383 carries. In 1967 he won the Walter Cup and was runner-up for the Heisman Trophy, while a year later, Simpson received the Heisman, Walter, and Maxwell Awards. He was also rewarded as an All-American twice. Since 1985 O.J. has held the record of winning the Heisman trophy with a massive victory margin. In the Rose Bowl, USC played against Ohio State, in which Simpson scored a touchdown and ran for 171 yards.

His professional football career started with the Buffalo Bills. During the negotiation process, Simpson demanded $650,000 as a signing fee, which Buffalo’s owner Ralph Wilson was not willing to pay, however, after O.J. threatened to switch to acting, the Buffalo Bills agreed. Simpson entered the league in high spirits; however, his first three years were quite a struggle. After Lou Saban joined the Bills as the head coach, he made O.J. the focal point of Buffalo’s offense strategy. In 1973 Simpson gave a spectacular performance and broke the 2000-yard rushing mark, and won the NFL MVP and Bert Bell Awards. In 1974 Simpson surpassed Ken Willard and became the rushing leader, maintaining this position ‘til his retirement. In 1977 due to an injury, he only appeared in seven games, and a year later, Buffalo traded O.J. to the San Francisco 49ers. After this, he only played in two seasons. During which Simpson scored four touchdowns and rushed 1053 yards, and on 16 December 1979, he played his last game.

Acting Career

Besides football O.J. Simpson also had an interest in the acting industry. He took part in various series/movies such as “The Klansman (1974)”, “Capricorn One (1978)”, “Goldie and the Boxer (1979)”, “Student Exchange (1987)” and “Roots (1997)”. Along with this, Simpson also did  narration for Monday Night Football and the NFL on NBC. During the second season of “Saturday Night Live” O.J. appeared in the audience, and in the third season he hosted an episode.


Thanks to Chuck Barnes, Simpson was able to form a good relationship with Chevrolet and ABC, as well as several other endorsement opportunities.  In 1975 O.J. appeared in the advertisement for the Hertz company, after which his popularity increased. He was also a representative of Pioneer Chicken, and also made an appearance in Dingo’s comic book ad. Simpson was also an owner of two franchises, however, one of them was destroyed in the 1992’s Los Angeles riots. O.J. Simpson.

Marriage and Children

Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley married on 24 June 1967; they had three children named Arnelle L., Jason Lamar, and Aaren Lashone Simpson – unfortunately Aaren drowned in 1979.  In 1977 O.J. and Nicole met each other, and started dating even though at that time Simpson was still married to Marguerite. In 1979 he and his first wife divorced, and on 2 February 1985 Simpson and Brown tied the knot. They had two children named Sydney Brooke and Justin Ryan Simpson during their marriage of seven years. In 1989 O.J. declared non-vult to domestic abuse charges, and on 25 February 1992, Nicole filed for divorce.

Criminal History

Nicole Murder Case

This case caused an uproar in the country – on 12 June 1994, Nicole and Ronald Goldman’s bodies were discovered in Los Angeles, stabbed to death.

The police arrested Brown’s ex-husband as the prime suspect and eventually filed the murder charges. Simpson claimed that he was innocent and hired an expert team of lawyers, and due to their efforts, O.J. was acquitted on 3 October 1995. In 1997 the Goldman and Brown families filed a civil case against Simpson, in which the jury declared O.J guilty, and he was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the deceased’s families. However, Simpson was unable to pay such a large amount, so his assets were auctioned off, including the Heisman Trophy, and the money gained was given to the Brown and Goldman families.

Other cases

In 1999 the California state declared that O.J. had not paid his taxes and owed the state $1.44 million; they filed a lawsuit against him. In 2001 Simpson was charged with battery, but all charges were dropped in October 2001. In 2007, Simpson with other men stole mementos from the Palace Station in Los Angeles.

He admitted that he took the items, but claiming that they originally belonged to him – he rejected the allegations of breaking/entering, and that he used a gun. Simpson was eventually charged with assault, robbery, criminal conspiracy, and kidnapping, and on 3 October 2008 he was sentenced to 33 years in prison with the possibility of parole – in 2017 he was released on parole.

Justin Ryan’s mother, Nicole Brown

Early Life and Education

Nicole Brown was born on 19 May 1959 in Frankfurt, Germany, to Juditha Anne and Louis Hezekiel. She had a mixed ethnic background – her father was American, and her mother of German lineage. She attended two high schools, Rancho Alamitos and Dana Hills, from which she matriculated in 1977.

O.J. Simpson

At the age of 18, Nicole Brown met Simpson, and they married in 1985. Throughout their marriage, there were several reports of domestic abuse, and on various occasions, Nicole tried to leave her husband.

However, Brown’s family supposedly pressurized her to stay with O.J., apparently because Simpson had given his father-in-law a Hertz dealership, and the money gained from it was used to pay off the other Brown sibling’s tuition fees. Eventually, Nicole divorced her husband and moved to a new house. They did attempt to reconcile, however, it didn’t work out, and in 1993 their relationship came to a permanent end.

Death and Aftermath

As already stated above, Nicole Brown died on 12 June 1994. The autopsy report revealed multiple stab wounds so critical that she had almost been beheaded. Nicole’s funeral was held at St. Martin Church on 16 June – all of her family members, children, and friends, attended the service. She is currently buried in Ascension Cemetery. After her death, Brown’s house remained vacant for two years. Once the new owner took over, they completely renovated it and changed the address. In 1994 Nicole’s father created a foundation in her memory.

Sydney Brooke Simpson

Sydney Brooke was born on 17 October 1985 to Nicole and O.J. Simpson.

She got her early education from Gulliver Academy, and in 2010 received a BA degree in Sociology from Boston University. Sydney then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and worked as an event coordinator. In 2014 she launched the Simspy LLC in St Peterburg, and a year later along with her brother started a real estate business. She is currently dating Robert Blackmon.

Body Measurements

Justin Ryan has black hair and eyes. He is currently 5ft 8ins tall (1.72m), and his physique is quite muscular although Justin’s exact body statistics are unknown.

Net worth

Currently, Justin Ryan has a net worth estimated at over $3 million. His real estate property is valued at around $226,000. According to some sources, Sydney Brooke supposedly has a net worth of $500,000.  Although in his glory days, O.J. Simpson had a very high net worth, however after all the legal problems, it has been reduced to an estimated $3 million.