Megan McCubbin Step Father Chris Packham Is A Famous Naturalist

Megan McCubbin emerged in the Television series Springwatch in 2020 alongside her stepfather Chris Packham.

During that time, Packham lived in the New Forest and co-presenter the Springwatch. The English zoologist had moved in with her stepdad before the lockdown while her mother worked in a hospital.

As a result, the conservationist joined Autumwatch 2020 and Winterwatch 2021 and continued her projects on the internet for CBBC likes. McCubbin was the core part of four live presenter teams on the show.

Megan McCubbin Has A Famous Step Father Chris Packham

McCubbin lives with her stepfather Chris Packham in the New Forest. She had worked with her stepfather in various television series, including Chris & Meg’s Wild Summer.

McCubbin had shared the journey with her stepfather on her social sites. In six-part of the series, she traveled with her stepdad in a fully electric camper van visiting some of the most beautiful wildlife and cultural sites in the UK.

McCubbin moved with her stepdad before the lockdown to carry the work while her mother served as an NHS key worker in the hospital. Before that, Packham lived with his pet Poodle, Scratchy, and two miniature poodles, Sid and Nancy.

McCubbin even shared the photo from her first appearance on BBC Spring Watch after her third year on the show. She remembers being so nervous speaking about bird songs and the pathways in the brain that make it possible.

The zoologist stepdad Packham had a passion for natural history from his childhood. He is even the elder brother of the British fashion designer Jenny Packham. The nature photographer had a disease of the inner ear Meniere from his 30s.

Besides this, he had been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and severe depression. He had been in a relationship with his Charlotte Corney for over ten years. Megan’s mother is the owner of the Isle of Wight Zoo. However, the couple lives separately.

Chris Packham Is An English Naturalist

Packham is the stepfather of English television presenter Megan McCubbin who served as an English naturalist. Besides this, he is a nature photographer, author, and television presenter.

Packham completed his graduation in zoology degree at the University of Southampton. Later, he revoked his study for a Doctorate of Philosophy to join as a wildlife cameraman.

The nature photographer is best known for his appearance in the television work BAFTA-winning BBC1 children’s program ‘The Really Wild Show.’ Also, he presented the Springwatch BBC series, including Autimnwatch and Winterwatch.

Packham started his career in 1983 as a part-time camera assistant for Stephen Bolwell. He had worked with wildlife filmmakers on A Tod’s Tale. Afterward, the presenter worked in the series The Living Planet for BBC and Channel 4.

Packham made an impression in BBC One and BBC Two series The X Creatures and Hands-on Nature, respectively. He had even worked in other television shows, including Go Wild, Nature’s Detectives, The Great Dinosaur Trail, and more.

Moreover, Packham arrived in regional TV shows like The London Wildlife Challenge, Anything Gies, Go For Green, and more. He was the main presenter of the BBC one series Inside Out.

After working on BBC two nature program, he created the production company Head Over Heels alongside Stuart Woodman and started making wildlife show for BBC, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel.

Packham was a contestant on Celebrity Mastermind and won an episode in 2011. The campaigner co-hosted on National Geographic Channel alongside Josh Elliott.

Packham had co-hosted with his step-daughter Megan for the BBC series Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer. They had worked together on the book Back to Nature.