Seckond Chaynce Wikipedia Age: Everything To Know

There is no Wikipedia entry for Seckond Chaynce. Stay tuned for additional information on his age, sister’s murder, net worth, and biography.

Seckond Chaynce who goes by his real name Trevor Thomas is a singer, rapper, and songwriter.

He incorporates hip-hop, rock, country, and R&R influences into his music.

He has a total of five albums to his credit at this time ‘Right From My Soul’, ‘Average Human Being’, ‘Chayncemania’, No Room to Breathe’ and ‘Hell Boy’.

Ontop of that, his music is available on different music streaming platforms such as Youtube, Deezer, and others.

Seckond Chaynce Wikipedia Bio

Seckond Chaynce doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile.

He was born to a single mother. He was reared in Jacksonville, Florida, with his two siblings in a neighborhood plagued by drugs and crime.

Similarly, his mother was quite protective of her children, attempting to protect them from the bad behaviors that were common in the area.

Before pursuing his passion for music, he sold drugs and dropped out of high school. 

With the release of his 2017 country love song ‘Head over Heels,’ his years of hard work paid off. The music video has been seen over 36 million times.

Similarly, Chance’s ‘No Room to Breather‘ project from 2018 contains a feature from Twista’, a fast-rising Chicago rapper.

Seckond Chaynce Age

Judging, Seckond Chaynce’s appearance, his age seems to be around in his mid-20s.

However, at this time we couldn’t trace his actual age and birthdate.

Seckond Chaynce Sister Murdered 

Recently, On July 8, 2021, singer Seckond Chaynce announced the death of his younger sister, who was 18 years old.

He announced his upcoming week’s shows will not be going ahead following his sister’s death.

Moreover, in tribute to his sister, he posted a photo of his sister and him when they were younger on his Instagram Story.

What Is Seckond Chaynce Net Worth?

As of 2021, Seckond Chaynce has an estimated net worth of around $2.4k to $2.7k.

His primary source of revenue is his musical endeavors.