UK Visa Application Tracking: How To Go About It

At one point or the other, the need to leave your country might arise. You might need to travel for business, leisure, vacation or health reasons amongst a whole lot of other reasons. While some countries have arrangement with other countries in their region for free passage in order to improve trade and relations between such countries, most other countries you would need to travel to would require you to process a VISA.

The ease to process VISAs is however relative as it is easier in some countries as compared to others. The country you also intend to visit also plays a role in how easy or difficult it would be to get a VISA. Getting a VISA in developed countries is very easy as their processes are easier and most likely online.

Getting a VISA from developing countries especially to developed countries are however more difficult. This is because of the fact that a lot of people looking for VISAs from developing countries are doing so in order to seek for greener pastures abroad. Many would apply for even a 3 days VISA when they know they have no desire of coming back for a long number of years.

When they get this VISAs, it is also very difficult for them to settle down at the other side especially as regards to getting a job on time. This is also further complicated by the fact that their VISA soon expires and they become illegal immigrants in those countries. Illegal immigrants are often deported by security agencies as soon as they are rounded up. All of these challenges therefore makes a lot of such illegal immigrants to turn to crime to survive as it would now be more difficult getting a job due to their illegal immigration status.

The diversion into crime also has a negative implication on others who are still seeking for VISAs back home as they would be stereotyped or discriminated upon. Furthermore, the embassies would want to probe the applicants more to know what exactly they want to go there to do and if they have the means to do it.

All of these factors have therefore made applying for VISAs a very difficult process which takes lots of time. Some of these VISAs are also turned down at the end of the day.

Steps To Tracking Your UK Visa Application

  • After applying for your UK Visa, it is possible to know the current status of your application. The UK Visa processing company keeps you abreast of the movement of your VISA through text messages and/or e-mail messages for every progress on your VISA application.
  • You could however also track your visa application by visiting
  • When the Track Your Application page opens, you would then have to enter the Application Reference Number on the receipt you were given from the application centre where you applied for your VISA as well as your date of birth in the spaces provided for them.
  • After typing the details, you then click on submit and the status of your UK VISA application would be displayed.