Who Is Scott McTominay Girlfriend? Everything You Should Know About The Manchester United Player

It seems that Scott McTominay will be missing out on a lot of good games cause of his injury. Did he break up with his long time girlfriend Millie Doze? Find out below

Scott McTominay is a Scottish/British football player best known as the midfielder for Manchester United.

As English Premier League began, Manchester United has high hopes due to the recent transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. However, someone who is separated from recent games is Scott McTominay.

McTominay was suffering from a growing issue before the season even started. The club also tried treating his injury pre-season. However, due to continuous pain, McTominay is now going through surgery, Manchester United announced.

This is going to affect the season significantly as a number of matches are nearing soon. Scott posted a photo on Instagram saying that he will be back sooner than expected.

Scott McTominay Girlfriend

As the athlete, Scott McTominay got on the search radar, one can’t help but ask if he has a girlfriend.

The answer is, no. Scott recently got out of a major relationship he had with Millie Doze. United fans loved seeing them together. They were even spotted taking vacations off the road.

Unfortunately, Scott took down all the photos posted on Instagram with Doze. And, Doze too changed her Instagram privacy status to private. So, we could sense that the match broke off. Since then, there is no sign of a potential girlfriend of Scott.

Scott McTominay Age And Wikipedia

Scott McTominay, the British midfielder is only 24 years old. He was affiliated with United from the age of 5.

McTominay joined the Manchester United Academy development centre in 2001. However, he would sign a professional contract only in 2013, at the age of 17.

He got to play in all the teams under-18, Under-19, and Under-21. Now, he has a contract secure until 2023 in the United.

There is a total of 10 goals under his stats, starting from the 2016 season.

Scott McTominay Parents

Scott McTominay is a result of unstoppable support from his parents as well as grandparents

Scott’s father Frank helped him get into the academy at a very young age. Scott’s grandfather also helped Scott making public announcements about his career.

Scott grew up alongside his sister Katie Rose McTominay. We can spot his mother, Julie McTominay several times on his Instagram

Scott McTominay Net Worth And Instagram

Scott McTominay has an impressive net worth of €5 Million ($5.9 million) as per Wtfoot.

McTominary received a salary of £520,000 in his first year in the 2017/18 season. The payroll remained the same for the next two seasons, until 2020.

Scott earned £1,040,000 last year as his salary got doubled. We can expect his net worth to grow exponentially until his contract ends.

Even though he earns quite a fortune, he maintains a low profile. Looking at his Instagram at @scottmctominay, we can say that he spends his money only necessarily except a few parties and get togethers.