Who Is Yukon Clement From Euphoria?

Yukon Clement is a child artist from the States.

The actor made his debut in the acting from the famous American HBO Original series “Euphoria.” 

As mentioned earlier, he portrays Theo in the second season.

Theo is a sweet and innocent character supporting his miserable teen friend Maddy. 

Besides Euphoria, Yukon has worked in a TV commercial as well. We wish all the luck for little Yukon’s acting career. 

Yukon Clement Age And Nationality. When Does He Celebrate His Birthday?

Born in 2014, Yukon Clement is a 7-year-old actor. He was born and raised in the United States. 

Despite being loved and appreciated, he has comparatively less information on the media.

Theo has his fan base built among young children. 

Yukon is originally from the United States and a follower of Jesus Christ. 

Yukon Clement Parents And Siblings: What Are Their Names?

Yukon Clement is an elder son to his parents, Jenna Clement and John Clement. 

Jeena is available on Instagram as @jennaclement1 and also on her Facebook account. Similarly, John is active on Facebook. 

Besides Yukon, John and Jenna have a younger son whose name is still undiscovered. 

Other than that, we are unsuccessful in gathering additional information oh his parents and siblings. 

Find Yukon Clement On Instagram

Yukon is accessible on Instagram as @yukonclement managed by his parents. 

So far, the actor has 48 posts and 169 followers. He has got his mother’s Youtube Channel linked in his IG bio.