Who Was Deontray Flanagan Daughter Zevaya Flanagan? Meet Her Mother Kairsten Watson

Deontray Flanagan daughter, the two-year-old Zevaya Flanagan, has lost her life as her father murdered her. Keep reading to learn more.

A man from Texas, Deontray Flanagan, is currently in custody on a bond of $2 million after being accused of killing his daughter.

On Tuesday, the initial magistrate had set the bond at $1 million, even though he did not attend the probable cause court.

However, during Wednesday’s hearing, the judge decided to increase the suspect’s bond to $2 million. Flanagan appeared in court in Houston on Wednesday.

Flanagan is facing a murder charge, which may be upgraded to capital murder pending the outcome of the autopsy.

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Who Was Deontray Flanagan Daughter, Zevaya Flanagan?

Zevaya Flanagan was the two-year-old child of Deontray Flanagan and Kairsten Watson.

According to authorities, Deontray took his daughter from daycare on Monday after confronting her mother and fled with his daughter.

After hitting the child’s mother multiple times in the face and taking her phone, Flanagan drove off, leading the police on a chase.

This chase ended in a standoff in northwest Harris County after Flanagan reportedly crashed into other cars and stopped in a field at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church.

The suspect’s mother-in-law, who worked at Walmart, was able to FaceTime Flanagan during the chase.

During a 45-minute police chase, he allegedly assaulted the little girl in the car. SWAT officers surrounded the vehicle. After about 20 minutes, they moved in.

A tactical team eventually arrested Flanagan, but unfortunately, the child was already deceased.

According to charging documents, Flanagan is accused of using a blunt object to hit his daughter and choke her to death.

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Meet Zevaya Mother, Kairsten Watson

Kairsten Watson is the mother of the deceased Zevaya Flanagan.

As reported to ABC13, Watson was tormented by the final moments of Zevaya’s life, which she witnessed via FaceTime during the police chase.

“She was on his lap, and she was gasping for air, and he had his arm around her neck squeezing tighter,” Kairsten Watson, Zevaya’s mother, recalled. 

Further, she added, 

“He said, ‘This is what you made me do. All you care about is that man.’

I (was) telling him, ‘No. Stop, please. This is your daughter. She loves you,’ and he’s still doing it.”

During the hearing on Wednesday, the judge decided to raise the suspect’s bond to $2 million.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office prosecutors suggested that Flanagan’s charges could be upgraded due to the severity of the crime.

Gilbert Sawtelle, who is in charge of the child fatality section of the DA’s office, referred to the case as the worst nightmare, specifically regarding the child’s mother.

Prosecutors had initially requested the judge to increase Flanagan’s bond to $5 million, considering his threat to the community.

But, the defence argued that a $5 million bond would mean no bond for Flanagan, who has substantial financial resources, which would be unconstitutional in Texas.

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Prosecutors said the charge against Flanagan could be upgraded to capital murder, depending on the autopsy results.

If Deontray Flanagan is charged with capital murder, the state could pursue the death penalty.

Sawtelle, who is in charge of the child fatality section of the DA’s office, did not provide a reason for the father’s murder charge.

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